About Us

In April 2011, Aleph Zero and Concent merged.

Aleph Zero was established in 1971 as "Shugo Den," changing its name to "Aleph Zero" in 1993. It focused on editorial design, including a holistic approach to supporting communication through the planning, editing, design, and printing of periodicals and books.

Concent was founded in 2002 as "A design agency for the web age," combining visual communication, information architecture, and technology while providing user interface design and services.

Aleph Zero and Concent shared their value of designing communication solutions for their clients with a comprehensive view on fully understanding and architecting how information is communicated, the information itself, and the act of communication.

Inhereting the shared values of of these two companies, a new Concent was reborn to carry on their combined vision. The new Concent takes the same holistic approach to architecting communication solutions, utilizing its expertise in both editorial and interface design.

This new Concent began as a member of AZ Group, alongside publishing companies BNN and Film Art, with the mission "To make everyday information life more abundant, beautiful, and creative."