Creating smiling experiences through communication

Designing experiences to communicate well

In order to design communication, we must do more than merely deliver information to them. We must also understand what that information means to them, how it maps to their experience, and how that meaning will translate into motivation and behavior.

For that reason, it is important for us to understand the context behind, "What are our customers seeking, in what environment?" Or, "How can we best convey our strengths and selling points?" By understanding these things, we are able to communicate not merely information, but experiences that linger and motivate.

Designing contexts to foster lasting relationships

In order to create strong, lasting relationships that are more than momentary interactions, we employ many tools and processes, from user research to design and production to strategic planning.

We take the knowledge gained from those processes and help our clients convert it to internal knowledge and assets, to employ towards lasting relationships moving forward.

Designing not only "things" (i.e., deliverables) but also contexts (experiences, structures), we help build long-lasting relationships between businesses and customers.