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Concent is well known as a leading expert in Information Architecture User Eexperience Design.
You can find our idea and tools of IA/UX that we've ever introduced at serminars and conferences.

IA/UX Tools and Documents

Content Strategy Brief

Content strategy involves articulating and clarifying the intention behind contents in order to better direct and manage its use. This content strategy brief offers a format for deciding and tracking the target users for particular content, its purpose, as well as a means of applying such evaluations to competitors. This tool can be used for communicating and unifying team intentions around a design.

An Information Architecture Framework

Information Architecture is contextual and interdisciplinary. And therefore, IA design process is considered to be complicated. We simplified the process for the beginner and non-IA people. This framework was introduced at the IA Summit 2010 in Phoenix.

EIA as Brand Strategy

In corporate / product brand, some structural patterns are seen, and in website structure we found there were remarkable patterns which strongly associated with the level of how the corporate brand is customer oriented. This is our analysis result. This analysis was introduced at the IA Summi 2009 in Memphis.

IA Stencil

IA Stencil is a cheap but very useful prototyping tool for designing site structure. This tool was introduced at the IA Summit 2008 in Miami.

User Model Analysis Sheet

A working template for collecting and clarifying target users and their goals.

The 7 Navigation Types of Web Sites

Navigation used in websites are typified in seven. This navigation system is applied to any website from corporate website to EC. This was introduced at the IA Summit 2007 in D.C.

IA100: Information Architecture for User Experience Design

This book covers user research, content organization, concept definition, as well as specific design techniques. Gathering 100 topics that every IA should know, each easy-to-understand page explains one subject. The example documents inserted throughout are real artifacts utilized by Concent in the company's IA investigations and designs. From concept to execution, this book is chock full of current topics in the local and global IA community. This volume is suitable as a learning tool for IA beginners or a reference for experts to be kept close at hand for years, a handbook for anyone in the web world.
Author: Atsushi Hasegawa, Ph. D, Concent, Inc.
Publisher: BNN Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 978-4-86100-577-0
Price: 3,360JPY
Language: Japanese

Learning Compelling Design with Real World Examples (実例で学ぶ「伝わる」デザイン)

This book will show, using Aleph Zero's work and processes, what sorts of designs are effective for the creator to communicate their intent to the viewer.
Author: Norihiro Kawasaki, Concent, Inc.
Publisher: Graphic-sha Publishing Co., Ltd.
ISBN: 978-4766122244
Price: 2,520JPY
Language: Japanese