Concent is involved with the local Information Architecture and User Experience community, organizing seminars on topics of interest and redux events for conferences we've attended.

IA/UX Events

IA Summit 2012 Redux in Tokyo

April 24 presentation in Tokyo by the Japanese attendees of the IA Summit 2012, which was held March 21-25 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Atsushi Hasegawa, Concent, Inc.
Kazumichi Sakata, Rakuten, Inc.
Hideyuki Hirano, aquaring Inc.
Naoko Kawachi, Concent, Inc.

Interaction 12 Redux in Tokyo

March 13 presentation in Tokyo on Interaction 12, a design conference held February 1-4 in Dublin, Ireland.

Eric Bell, Concent, Inc.

World IA Day 2012

On February 11, World Information Architecture Day was held in 14 cities around the world. Concent's own president and information architect Atsushi Hasegawa served as coordinator for the Tokyo event.

IA Bootcamp in Sendai

A session of "IA Bootcamp," which began as an internal Concent training program, held in Sendai. IA Bootcamp is a concentrated workshop format seminar covering an overview of Information Architecture and User Experience theory and techniques. The Sendai workshop theme was paper prototypes for touch panel menu GUIs.

IA Summit 2011 Redux in Tokyo

April 22 presentation in Tokyo on the IA Summit 2011, which was held March 30-April 3 in Denver, Colorado.

Atsushi Hasegawa, Ph.D, Concent, Inc.
Toshihiko Kasuya, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Hitoshi Enjoji, Concent. Inc.
Naoko Kawachi, Concent, Inc.