The problem-resolution method called "Design"

We at Concent design "the form of communication." Experiences that turn the heads of consumers and satisfy their wants and needs. Processes to instill and foster communication know-how within lorge organization. Governance policies that organize and unify the complexities of internal company information and decision-making.

Consumer needs and tastes, and the media that surrounds them, communication media in the world is becoming ever more diverse. Amidst that confusion is the ever-growing need for strategies to leverage effective media while keeping in mind long term customer relationships.

Through "Design," we at Concent help our clients solve communication challenges.

Services Lineup


Research / Analysis

Market Research | Field Research | Group Interview | User Modeling / Persona | Mental Model Analysis | Situation-Needs Analysis | Psychographic Analysis

Media Diagnosis / Evaluation

Competitive Analysis | Heuristic Analysis | Usability Testing | Creative Analysis

Communication Strategy Planning

Communication planning | Promotion Planning | User Value Proposition Planning | Business Goal Planning | KPI Definition



Brand Concept Planning | Brand Message Planning | Brand Mapping | CI/VI Development | Brand Guideline Production | Brand Communication Tool Production


Concept Workshop


Planning / Editing

Contents Planning | Editing | Writing | Interview / Photo and Video Shooting Coordination

Editorial Design

Corporate Profile | IR Report | Corporate Magazine | Inhouse Newsletter | Textbook / Educational Tools | Magazine / Books | Catalogue / Sales Promotion Tools

Website Design / Operation

Corporate Website | Sales Promotion Website | Mobile Website | Website Operation

E-Book / Digital Contents Production

iPad Apps | iPhone Apps | Android Apps | UI Prototype Development