Our Work

At Concent, in order to support our clients in resolving communication design and service design problems, we utilize tools from strategic design, interaction design and UI development, and investigation and evaluation of products and services.


Re-architecting site contents and communication strategies in order to draw interested new users who are also comparing other services.

Roppongi Hills

Website architecture for the combined business and shopping center Roppongi Hills, containing shopping malls, restaurants, museums, hotels, gardens, and offices.

Impress -GRANMULA Kanebo Cosmetics

Site design and management for Kanebo Cosmetics "Impress" product line. Kanebo is the second largest cosmetics company in Japan.

METI Journal (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

METI pamphlet "Introducing the Ministry," designed the flow of information and reader navigation from outline to specific content.

Aoyama Suits eCommerce

Official website for Aoyama, which boasts the highest number of suits sold worldwide. We took the website, which previously only listed Aoyama's premium line, and created a full-featured online store to incorporate all regular product lines.

Ken Corporation

A foreigner-oriented high class real estate information website. Optimized the UI and site flow to accommodate the needs, knowledge, and traits of foreigners planning a long-term stay.


A multilingual archives site to portray a life-sized Japan. Conveying high quality articles and images, with compelling contents, cutting-edge features and frequent updates.